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we make peace... customers won't wait! Learn How We Do It _ to the next level engage your customers Let Us help you _ so customers realize value We build Customer Trust Contact Us Today_

make peace with your customers + -

Engage our multi faceted team to design+deploy a profitable blueprint for you success #agileCS #getlivehelp

Design + Plan + -

Our Team will analyze current support processes and imagine additional elements to enhance results and profits!

Build + Deploy + -

We manage the rollout of new ideas and processes constantly ensuring that agreed goals are focused on until reached!

Proof > Promises + -

Through constant audits and split testing we guide the process to finding YOUR perfect balance! #GetLiveHelp

Client Tailored

Ensuring customer retention is crucial to any company. We guide your business with our specialized skills to ensure your customers realize the value of their purchases while improving your retention strategy.

Design / Deploy / Audit

Split Testing: Our specialty is digging into constant metrics for support, running reports, and walking our clients through the process of reaching a balanced customer experience. Growing with OUR Clients

Trust Experience

We help organizations deliver a superior online experience. We provide our clients with tailored support flows that solve the most challenging problems of a constantly evolving online landscape.

Building Customer Trust

Engage our multi faceted team to deploy a profitable blueprint for your success! 

Better Support_



Lack of clear strategy or adoption of industry best practices? We analyze and control your CS AND improve your business revenue!



We help strategize the best business practices and consult with the client to ensure the success of performance goals!



Evolve processes that slow response + resolution outcomes. We target specific items to improve your overall response and resolution outcome.



Replace poorly established processes, we help deploy real strategies with statistics based on your business to determine the best outcomes.



Design training that delivers on customer expectations. We thrive to ensure that all parts of the CS chain are exceeding your business goals.



Constant metrics + Reports, at every step of the process. We determine what works best for your customer satisfaction, while staying profitable.

CS Solutions + Optimized

deploy new strategies to help engage customers to the next level
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#getlivehelp's agile CS setups focused on my clients by delivering that personal style of customer support. They hold true as experts offering many e-commerce capabilities, and enhancing their customer's service journey. The ENTIRE team have exceeded my expectations many times, THANK YOU!!

Aurora CBD Network - Trial and Straight Sale

An integral part of our business, delivering top-notch customer service at a competitive price. They have diligently worked to ensure less chargebacks and more sales, by listening to feedback and maintaining high quality assurance standards, which constantly improves agent performance. A superior team!

Luxury Resale Network - Customer Support and Client Outreach

#getlivehelp was an instrumental part of our success since day one. Rob and the team were able to navigate us through a very successful launch and then matured with us as we went from start-up to established brand. Their scalability goes unmatched, we went from 100 calls a day to over 500 calls a day in just under 60 days

Dee. A - Campaign Funding Services